Welcome to an Exploration of Colors!

Explore the differences in mixing colors when using light and paint.

Select two colors by clicking on a color in each of the two Palettes. Palette 1 sets the color on the left side of the color box, and palette 2 sets the color on the right side of the color box. The mixed color will appear between the two in the color box.

The upper color box represents mixing colors of paint, and the lower color box represents mixing of colors of light. The program uses equal proportions (amount of pigment or intensity) of each color when mixing.

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This applet Copyright © 2005 by Tom Whittaker. Based on the MixingColors program created by John Pickle and Jacqueline Kirtley (Museum of Science, Boston MA) for the Global Systems Science project, and Copyright © 2002 by the Board of Regents of the University of California. Used with permission.