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Perhaps our most popular request is for the contour applet, which was found in this section of the museum. Here is how to download the applet and make it work for you!

To get a copy of the applets from this section of the museum that let you build a thunderstorm and also explore the altitude at which cumulus clouds form, click here.

Our applets that present a simple climate model (see this section) can be downloaded from here.

You can download a copy of the applets that let you explore, in this alcove of the museum, the relationships between cloud height and thickness and the images you see on TV. Here is how to get these applets

You can get a copy of the popular Relative Humidity applet, by clicking here.

And...you may get a copy of the station model plotting applet by clicking here. Please note that this applet was updated in July, 2002 to accomodate some changes in newer browsers.

We offer lots and lots of other web references for further exploration.

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