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This week in AOS 152

Lesson 10

This lesson investigates local winds. Assignment is due Friday, May 5.

Lesson 9

This lesson further explores thunderstorms and the hazards they pose. Assignment is due Friday, April 28.

Lesson 8

We continue with fronts and move onto the extratropical and tropical cylcones. Assignment is due Tuesday, April 18.

Lesson 7

We move onto general circulation of the atmosphere, airmasses and fronts. Lots of reading - assignment is due Tuesday, April 4.

Lesson 6

We discuse concepts of visibility, review material in Chapter 6. Assignment is due Monday, March 28.

Lesson 5

We now cover material in Chapter 5. Not much reading but it will take a bit to grasp some of the concepts. Assignment is due Monday, March 13.

Lesson 4

This week we cover Chapter 6, then come back to Chapter 5 next week. Lots of reading and activities, so assignment is due Monday, Feb 27.

Lesson 3

Learn to read surface and upper air maps.

Lesson 2

This week we review chapter 3 and the topics of the wind and the forces that generate the wind. Next week we will deal with reading weather maps.

Lesson 1

This week we discuss and learn basic weather elements. We cover the definitions of Temperature, Pressure, Density, Wind and Moisture. We also introduce methods of transferring energy in the atmosphere.

It is important to know what the standard atmosphere is and how it differs from the atmosphere you are flying. When flying, you will want to avoid turbulent regions of the atmosphere. Many times turbulent regions are areas where energy is being transferred, so it is important to know how energy is transferred. This first lesson introduces you to these concepts..